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This website of HTML lessons was originally launched on April 9, 1997 and represents the culmination of my efforts to produce the best possible series of lessons in basic web page design.


Here are a few facts about me: Other books written by the author of these HTML lessons:

Learn To Program The C-64 All By Yourself, Volume 1
Learn To Program The C-64 All By Yourself, Volume 2
Learn To Program The C-128 All By Yourself, Volume 1
Learn To Program The C-128 All By Yourself, Volume 2
Learn AmigaBasic All By Yourself, Volume 1
Learn AmigaBasic All By Yourself, Volume 2
Learn AmigaDos All By Yourself
Learn AmigaDos Through Shell All By Yourself
Learn GWBasic All By Yourself, Volume 1
Learn GWBasic All By Yourself, Volume 2

My book, Learn JavaScript All By Yourself! is an interactive book of lessons on how to add some spice to your web pages with JavaScript. See Lesson 21 for some fun with JavaScript.

If you come across an opportunity to submit this website for a review (such as to a magazine, newspaper, web newsletter, etc. - to anyone that reviews websites) or for an award nomination, please feel free to do so and to let me know if you have done so. I would be most honored! My website address is simply:


If you know very little or nothing about HTML web page design, then these tutorials are for you. Each tutorial is actually an interactive lesson on some aspect of web page design. With these lessons, you should be able to produce an excellent website for your favorite charity, business, or simply for your own personal website.

If you are a beginner, I recommend that you begin with Lesson One and progress through the course lesson by lesson. Just take your time and be sure to try all the problems. You will be amazed at what you learn. You have all the basics you need right here in this website to get you started on some great looking web pages.

If you are only interested in a particular topic, then just go to the lesson featuring the topic.

SUGGESTION: You might find it easier to follow a lesson and to work on the problems if you first printed out the lesson on paper. Just choose PRINT from the menu bar at the top of your browser or choose FILE and then PRINT... If there are links in the lesson you can always go on line later and do them.

New lessons will continually be added as they are completed. Any new lesson or update will be announced at the beginning of my main home page and also on my alternate home page.

If you:

then please send an email to me at email.

Teaching is an important part of my life and I hope that I will also be able to teach you the basics of web page design through these lessons.

And to all of you who desire to learn how to design and setup a website on the internet - best wishes as you progress through the pages of this course! I hope that these lessons will more than meet your needs!


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