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Maybe you would rather have a background like this where you can have words (and images) spanning across one or both sections. This background is not a table. It is simply a gif image 650 pixels in WIDTH and 10 pixels in HEIGHT created in Paint Shop Pro. Of the width of 650 pixels, the yellow part is 150 pixels wide. Here is what it actually looks like as an image:

The height of the line does not have to be 10 pixels. It could only be 2 pixels high. Remember that a background is made up of an image that is repeated over and over again (like wallpaper). You have to be careful with this method because, using my example, if the width of the monitor screen is more than 650 pixels (and most screens are), then visitors will see at least two vertical yellow bars.

Here is the BODY tag used to make this background appear on this web page:

<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" BACKGROUND="backgrd.gif" TEXT="#000000">

where "backgrd.gif" is the name of my background. The BGCOLOR attribute ensures that the background will be white before it gets wiped over by the background image. I also defined my text to be black These two additional attributes will ensure that my writing and background will not conflict with any default color values set by the viewer.

You will get a chance to work with Paint Shop Pro in Lessons 14 and 15 and so you may at that time wish to create the background image that you see here.

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